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Vet Tech Sitter

Your Pet’s Second Best Friend

Former Vet Tech Melinda and Cat Whisperer John...
Pets stay happy and healthy with us in their own home while you are away. Available at no charge in select areas,  on select dates.

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Cat Care

Sure, they're aloof and love to remind us that we exist to serve... but when they're home alone, they miss us!  When John is in the house, cats just can't resist him. Even the most timid felines eventually find their way to his lap. We feed and clean according to your schedule and also keep an eye on bodily functions. And evening cuddle time almost always turns into a purr-fest!

All Those Other Pets!

Birds, fish, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, even a hermit crab or two. Yes, yes and yes.

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Key in the Lock

House Sitting

An empty house invites trouble. Not only are we a presence while you travel, but with decades of experience with about a dozen homes of our own that we've renovated and repaired, we keep an eye on what's going on within the house. We will alert you right away to any situation that's not right, and follow your wishes to take the proper steps to correct.

Dog Care

A tired dog is a happy dog! And stressful kennels are NOT the best way to exercise. Melinda has been a pack leader since childhood. And years of professional animal care experience helps to recognize when things aren't right and take the necessary steps to correct them. We feed and walk according to your schedule and stay in touch so you can enjoy your travels with the confidence that things are A-O-K at home.


Melinda and John were great cat/house sitters! They went above and beyond a normal housesit. Unfortunately, while we were away on vacation, our water expansion tank let go and flooded the basement. They contacted local repair people, got the repair done and then they spent a good amount of time cleaning up the basement, making sure nothing was on the floor. They ran dehumidifiers and fans to prevent mold and mildew. Needless to say, we were very grateful for their hard work. They kept in touch with us daily and sent photos of our fur babies. The cats were also glad they were there. They played with them, cuddled with them, groomed them and kept them happy!! I would invite them back in a heartbeat!

Carol, Bridgton, Maine

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About Us

Professional Home and Pet Sitters

We are John and Melinda, a mature, married, non-smoking couple with DECADES of house sitting experience. My education was pre-veterinary and I was a vet tech for 12 years. John is a veteran who has had a menagerie including tropical birds, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. I call him the "cat whisperer", because even the most timid feline will eventually find its way to his lap. We are 5-star rates sitters on Trusted Housesitters, HouseSitters of America and Mind My Home. We have recently joined Nomador.

Why we want to house sit
We love to travel and especially like to experience places more as "locals" than "tourists". We're a quiet couple, quite content with each others' company and we don't like crowds. We have no pets at this time through attrition -- we decided it was time for us to be free to travel. But that doesn't mean we don't miss having them around!

Our experience
As a vet tech with professional boarding experience, I've cared for thousands of animals over the years, and we have house-sat from New York to Hawaii to Maine, the Caribbean and Europe as well. I have worked with guard dogs and was involved with Bouvier des Flandres dogs (breeding, showing, grooming, training, rescue) for nearly 40 years. Your pets' needs such as medication, injections, etc. will be met. And they're going to miss us when we're gone!

In addition, John and I have owned and renovated about a dozen homes over the years, from antique homes to country acreage to the Jersey Shore, a Florida island home and a Manhattan apartment. Pools too! We are quite capable of handling almost any house emergency issues.  Most importantly, WE COMMUNICATE!

What We Need

Clean, comfortable, reasonable and safe accommodation with good internet connectivity. We love resort homes (without wheels!) and we need to be above ground. A bedroom with space for clothing. A kitchen with cooking implements. Because we take full responsibility for the premises, we don't share spaces while we are present (excepting the homeowner).

Want more info?

Contact us with a few details about your general location, pets and their needs... We'll reach out to discuss and get to know one another. Next, we'll video chat and tour and we will mutually decide if we're a match. It's the ultimate win-win!

About Us
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Contact Us

Contact Us

Please share your location, dates and pets details (meds?) and we'll be in touch!

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